Our Locksley client approached us as they wanted to open up and extend the small living spaces to the rear of their house to create one large open plan, living, kitchen and dining area.  The space was to become a new ‘heart’ for the home where the family could spend time together.


An additional bedroom was added at first floor level to the side of the house.  We created a wrap around extension that had views to both the garden at the rear and to the street.


Painted brick in white and grey was used to compliment the existing red brick of the house.  The choice of material was respectful to the existing context while the choice of colours gave the extension a more modern feel. A deep façade at ground level to the rear of the house created a sheltered zone with a built-in seat at the kitchen window.


We provided interior design services for this project, preparing joinery details for build-in seating and storage areas.  Varying ceiling heights and expressed beams allowed for definition of different spaces within the large open-plan room.  The polished concrete floor maximised heat transmission from the new underfloor heating system.

Locksley Project
Locksley Project 2