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Our team has accumulated 30+ years of experience across different sectors.  We have experience working on large multi-million projects both locally and abroad and our team is currently working on smaller scale projects spread across Northern Ireland, down the west coast of Ireland, and also into Dublin.


Studio Park is a family business that prides itself in high quality designs with a personal service.  We are fully engaging and have close relationships with clients.  That is, we work alongside client’s step by step from idea to completion.  Not only do we help clients realise their dreams, we do so whilst delivering projects on time and on budget.  We keep our process as simple as possible and keeping clients well informed from start to finish.

We are involved in higher education teaching and research within this sector and we have a passion for sustainability and new technology. 


Ronan and Lisa met almost 21 years ago, on their first day at Queen’s University Belfast, whilst studying Architecture.  Since then, they have both worked and travelled extensively around the world.  Now based back in Ronan’s hometown of Belfast with their three young children, they have brought together their vast experience and knowledge to create this family run business.


Ronan has been a registered architect for almost thirteen years and has had global experience within several different companies.  He previously worked as an associate at PTW Architects (Sydney, Australia) for several years – where he oversaw large multi-million-dollar projects – and was also a Lecturer at the University of Tasmania.  Prior to living in Australia, Ronan worked in several architectural practices in Belfast, London, and Rio de Janeiro.  Prior to joining Lisa in the Studio Park business in 2019, he was working in a local Belfast practice.


Ronan is passionate about creating high quality architecture and good design and has a range of experience on projects in sectors including healthcare, education, and sports.  He also has vast experience creating multi-residential properties as well as and one-off houses.  Ronan’s role within the Studio Park has found him working closely with clients on design-led projects.  His strengths are his attention to detail, outside of architecture, and he loves anything sports related… even cricket!

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Lisa has been a registered architect for almost thirteen years and has had global experience within several different companies.  Since 2001 Lisa has worked in architecture practices in Belfast, London, Poland and Sydney.  Whilst in Sydney she worked for as an Associate at PTW Architects (for over 5 years).  She returned to Belfast in 2016 and worked in a large practice in Belfast city centre.  She is currently a Teaching Fellow at the University of Ulster (where she operates a design studio with another architect) and has been a Lecturer at the University of Tasmania, and the University of Technology (Sydney).   Lisa became self-employed in 2018 when she opened StudioPARK. 


Lisa’s main focus is providing high quality design and happy clients – and this is the driver for everything in the business.  She loves the personal aspect of running the business and being able to work closely with clients.


Lisa has a range experience in sectors including one-off houses, heritage, cultural, multi-residential, infrastructure, and urban regeneration.  Her biggest interest lies in architectural research and collaboration (particularly in the area of creating resilient communities and urban regeneration).

  • Preparation & brief - where we assist the client with deciding what they want and what is feasible.

  • Concept Design - where we design options to ensure the client proceeds with the most appropriate and feasible proposal.

  • Developed Design - this planning includes submitting a planning application, liaising with planners, and coordinating statutory consultations.

  • Technical Design - this is the building control and includes developing the design in detail and coordinating the design with other consultants including structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineers, quantity surveyor, energy consultant, etc. Also includes submitting a Building Regulations application and liaising with the Assessor until it is approved.

  • Construction Project Management - this step includes coordinating the tender process (where contractors price the project) and then administering the contract on site. This involves site visits and responding to builders’ queries.

We have selected a small number of projects to show you: GlenhughLocksleyBoghead Bridge Road, and Joy Street.

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